Commodore VB-VC-VH-VK-VL V8 Turbo Include Thermostat Switch 70 degree

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This is our New Universal Twin 12inch shroulded Thermo Fan kit, that is the correct size for all the Model Commodores listed about, we have tested this unit and are extremly happy with the amount of air that this unit moves !!! infact its the strongest unit we have tested to date, yes its a little noisier than our single 16inch item, but the air flow is phernominal and will out-perform any other fan combo on the market !!! in your kit we also supplying the push thru mounting kit and a 40amp relay kit which is a must with this unit,

we have had quite a few questions with regard to this unit being a AU or BA Falcon unit, i can tell you its not even remotely similar as the Falcon unit is way to big for this model Commodore !!! 

* the overall dimensions are 620mm long x 405mm high x 90mm shrould width

more question message to /0404-334-335

Include Thermostat Switch, set @ 85 degree. its all wired up the unit operates by itself as would a factory installed item, everything is included for ease of your installation.

* two 12inch curved blade fans

* 40amp relay kit supplied FREE

* push thru mounting kit supplied FREE

* Please note that some notching of the shrould housing will be required for your specific use to clear the water necks as shown in the pictures

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* WA $ 6.95

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