Bosch type Ignition Coil Suits our Chevy R2R Electronic Ignition FREE SHIPPING

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This is our latest Bosch type -II E-Coil series designed to be used in conjunction with our very Popular R2R Series Distributors or any External Electronic type distributors. This coil utilizes a iron E-Core design for improved voltage distribution and wound specifically to produce a highest current possible with incredible voltage and lightning quick rise time. The Open Housing is also a added feature to dissipate Heat Quicker from the Coil Body. Brass primary terminals are spaced far apart and the secondary tower is well protected for increased spark isolation. The Coil Housing is completely Filled with an Epoxy Resin Compound for vibration Protection making the unit water resistant also, Each unit is supplied complete with all the fittings needed for your installation and a trouble free operation, 





* Designed for high rpm, long duration applications using our R2R Series Ignitions




* New E-Core winding design produces more voltage and current






* 80:1 turns ratio and lower primary resistance produce high voltage output






* Windings are encased in fracture resistant compound for vibration resistance






* Rynite housing with isolated tower and brass primary terminals












Coil Spec ;

Turn Ratio;                        80:1

Primary Resistance;           .70ohms

Secondary Resistance;      630ohms

Inductance;                       3.5mh

Maxium Voltage;              45,000

Peak Current;                   450mh

Weight;                            1.0 lbs