Brake Master Cylinder Alloy 1-inch Universal Type FREE SHIPPING

Brake Master Cylinder Alloy 1-inch Universal Type FREE SHIPPING

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This 100% Brand New Alloy Brake Master Cylinder with Standard Cap and Clip, will lift your drab old engine bay look and will greatly improve your braking power also, these units have the larger 1" inch piston bore, dual circut reservoir set up, which is a big increase over the 35 year old small piston bore stuff that the factory offered as original equipment way back when !!! 

with drum/drum, disc/drum, disc/disc set up.


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For those of you who have upgraded to the aftermarket front brake conversions, using the twin piston later model Commodore/Falcon front brakes or considering that upgrade we also have the Extra Large Bore 1"-1/8 th which is the same bore size that is used for the later factory setup, without the larger bore cylinder you just wont get as good a brake peddle feel as the factory setup . 

Our unit is a direct replacment to your current setup with no modification to your brake tubes or booster, just replace your existing worn unit with one of these, and you will wonder why you didn't consider the upgrade sooner .

please specify your bore size on order

* same day shipping no waiting ( must be paid before 2pm )

* We give technical help ( 0404 334 335 ) no late night calls

* 12 mths warranty

* 1 inch piston bore will be shipped if no size specified

Standard GM 3 3/8" centres, 4 port with block off plugs