Electric Fuel Pump Holley Fuel Pump Blue Type 120gph

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Fuel line fittings also included Free ($19.95) of extra value 

 This is a Holley Type 120gph US electric fuel pump which is the industrie norm !!! these pumps have been the choice for many years for ease of installation, cost efficient and reliability, not to mention the ease of rebuilding if required.

there available in two  capacities 120gph US ( 454 litre ) and the big guy which is 140 gph US ( 530 litre ) the one your buying is the 120gph US, although we have all three available on request !!!

some of the features are

New lower housing casting for enhanced fuel flow

  • Improved design for street/strip applications
  • Compatible with alcohol or methanol fuels
  • Flows 120 GPH at 9 PSI
  • Maximum pressure is 14 PSI
  • 3/8” NPT inlet and outlet ports
  • Fuel pressure regulator is required
  • Motor draws only 4 Amps current
  • 7 1/2 Amp fuse recommended
  • Provides constant fuel flow with no pulsation
  • Has externally accessible pressure relief valve (max 14 PSI)
  • Rotor/Vane pump design is more tolerant of contaminated fuels
  • Weighs only 3 lbs
  • Includes mounting bracket
  • Repair kits are readily available
  • Can be serviced from the pump end
  • Not designed or recommended for use with fuel injection systems
  • included is the mount bracket and rubber insulator
  • wiring insulator and female connector ends