Ford Cleveland 302-351 Electronic Distributor includes bosch coil

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Ford Cleveland DSM "Ready-to-Run" Electronic Distributor include Bosch Coil


This auction is for a new DSM Electronics Ford CLEVELAND V8 "Ready to Run" electronic distributor. For Early and later engines. Some of the features with this distributor are:

Covering All the Cleveland Family Motor's 302-351-400-429-460, we also have the 12.50mm or 13.00mm oil pump drive ( please specify your preference or engine year )


  • Oversized steel shaft for high strength
  • Top mounted sealed ball bearing
  • Extra long sintered bushing at base of shaft
  • Magnetic pickup (never requires adjustment)
  • Small base and cap for space savings
  • Vacuum advance for improved street fuel economy
  • Precision machined reluctor
  • Self contained high performance module


This is perfect for upgrading from the out-dated points style distributors or when space requirements are very limit compared to the bulky HEI units. With this distributor all you need is an external coil, the 2 wires will hook-up to the coil and you're "ready to run". Nothing else required! (We recommend the bosch coil MEC 718 for maximum performance).  

There's a high performance module contained in the distributor itself, that produces increased performance, easily outperforming stock and many other aftermarket ignitions. A vacuum advance is included for improved fuel economy when used on street applications.

We do have bronze gears,replacement modules and distributor caps if needed .

Unless you need to keep the original points distributor for a true resto, toss that old out-dated set-up out and up-grade too something your motor will be much happier with!

Also please choose your preference on the type of Distributor Cap and Colour  type, at no extra charge !!!


*** NEW Frequently Asked Questions !!!

Q, Can i use my old coil

A, NO !!! older coils are to weak for these Distributors

Q, Whats a Ballist Resister

A, Its job is to reduce the voltage to the Points Distributor

Q, How do i identify if i have a Ballist Resister 

A, There's three common type of Ballist Resisters !

1, Bilt into the coil type ( GT40R Bosch )

2, A white ceramic retangle box near the coil or inner mud guard area !!!

3, Bilt into the wiring harness coming towards the coil ( sometimes with a silver core wire )

Q, Do i still use the Ballist Resister

A, No ! you must remove the resister and have a contant 12Volt supply at all times


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